Sunday 13 March 2011


Obsessions are energy-sapping, even one as innocent as ours with the weather forecast for last Saturday – it didn't help that it changed every day. But, come Saturday morning, we were on the road early in bright sunshine, and found Great Haywood cloudy but dry. Finally we had to choose between getting on with the spring clean there and then, or going for a first cruise. Hm...

The engine started sweetly, and we manoeuvred through the rows of boats and the narrow marina entrance. Left to the junction with the Staffs and Worcs Canal, and then a mile down to Tixall Wide. It was a slow journey, partly because we were getting used to the boat, partly because we weren't in a hurry, and partly because there are a lot of boats moored around the junction, and it's etiquette to pass them with a minimum of disturbance.

Tixall Wide, for those who don't know, is where the local landlord insisted on the original cutters two centuries ago widening the canal to the dimensions of a small lake, to enhance the view from his house. It's a fine spot, and we'd earmarked it as our target. The highlight of the day was when, watching us execute a nice 180 degree turn to end up by the towpath ready for mooring, a walker out with a dog said "That clearly wasn't the first time you've done that." Oh yes it was! But then she hadn't heard the all the revving in reverse further back up the cut to avoid sliding into one obstacle or another.

So we had celebratory coffee and cake, photographed the wild life and just enjoyed being out in our boat. The drizzle began on the journey back, but it didn't matter – we'd had our first cruise, short as it was. The next milestone will be to have a night on board, once the equipment is all installed and the water system is back in operation after the winter break. Then we'll really be able to call ourselves boaters.


  1. Nice one M & M - and on my birthday too. Thanks for the card! Peter

  2. Emmm..... stay in marina and do chores or take a trip contest really! Tixall is the ideal place for a run out. Congratulations on your maiden voyage. Here's to many more!

  3. @Mo and Mike Wood

    Thanks, Mo. We seem to have missed you when we've been at GH. Hope we'll bump into you (but not literally!) on one of our forays.