Tuesday 31 May 2011

Melodeon music

A practical training week in Doncaster finished on Sunday and we were able to come across to Great Haywood for a couple of days on Erin Mae. Monday we'd expected to go to Crick, but the weather changed our minds. All those questions bubbling away can wait till the IWA festival in July.

Our friends Roger and Mirjana arrived at Tixall Wide on Maggie May. No challenges for my best beloved's knee in that trip, so round we went today to catch up. It's the first time they've seen Erin Mae, and they gratifyingly made all the appropriate noises. Coffee, good chat, lunch, more coffee, and then out came their melodeons for an excellent demonstration. My attempt was a reminder of what it would mean to re-train the fingers and think push-pull (like mouth organ blow-suck). Tonight we all go into Stafford for a folk session in one of the pubs. Perhaps my guitar will get an outing alongside their boxes.

These were the friends who lent us their first boat some years ago for an idyllic week from Ellesmere to Llangollen and back. The seed was sown. Good buddies!


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