Monday 31 October 2011

Meeting up with Mike and Mo

We've been talking to Mo since February via comments on this blog – she and Mike keep nb The Great Escape at Great Haywood, but we've never been at the marina at the same time. Today we finally got to drop in on them, and found a warm welcome over a cuppa. Good to meet you guys – look forward to jamming with Mike sometime.

Today also saw our shower back in action after the tiling repairs. Pity about the dinge in the shower tray from when one of the tiles slipped. A quick google led me to Milliput, invented for mending models but with a useful sideline in repairing household bits and pieces. First I'd heard of it, but Mike knew it. I can see that maintaining and using Erin Mae is going to a source of endless education!


  1. Hi Martin,
    just a quick note re doors. Our very experienced NB neighbours advise us..don't us varnish as it bubbles and splits, use a waterproof exterior wood stain. Ronseal do one and Homebase or Band Q do their own brand versions. Hope we haven't sent you down the wrong route! Nice to put faces to names after all this time!

  2. @Mo Wood

    Thanks, Mo. We haven't bought anything yet so we'll look into it for our visit this week.