Tuesday 8 November 2011


If you needed 2 screws to mount a smoke alarm, and B&Q would sell you 20 for £1.90 while a local hardware trading company would sell you a complete box of 200 for the same price, which would you buy? Do you think value-for-money or storage space? Do you like to have them all, just in case, or are you a waste-of-the-earth's-resources person? Minimalist, or cover-the-angles?

I bought the box. But then I've a garage shelf at home to store the bulk of them until they go rusty. I think if Erin Mae were our only home, I might have done differently. Mind you, some of the boating bloggers report constant purchases of DIY-related goodies, by themselves or their other halves. I turned to my Google Reader page for a suitable example, and this immediately leapt out at me. Case in point!

On Thursday week my old tutor group are coming round to say farewell properly, since it somehow didn't happen in the summer. Unfortunately, the dining room is still full of the stuff removed from the loft. And the garage will need a good clear out before there's room for it in there. Minimalism has a lot going for it. But you never know when you might need it...


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