Saturday 29 September 2012


When I searched for a leather hat I couldn't find one tight enough to stay on in a breeze without being so tight as to give me a headache. But I really like leather as a material. Stranded or interestingly tooled leather belts can thumb the nose ever so elegantly at accompanying attire that is necessarily formal, without seeming out of place.

I nearly replaced my belt two weeks ago in a leather shop in Camden market, but nothing was quite right. Today, strolling back from the tea rooms by Haywood Lock on our first exercise since a nasty cold put me in bed this week, we passed NB Anon, with its racks of leatherwork on display on the towpath. We had a good look at the belts, and enjoyed Dave's simple take on the cost – the buckle sets the price. Then we found his range of windlass holsters, and were hooked. We'd talked on and off about something like this for a while. So we bought a holster and belt that my best beloved could wear with joy, and got the belt cut to a size we both could use.

Nice result. I also saw a design that would do me well for my next everyday belt, though he didn't have it in the shade I wanted. However, he's probably back in Great Haywood next weekend and that, I think, will be that.


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