Tuesday 2 October 2012

Not going out

What we had in mind was a quick painting lesson from Rich, followed by three weeks to gently traverse the Llangollen canal, as the sun shone gently through russet trees, with time to apply new skill and paint to the most needy cases of bodywork decay. The autumn has always been my favourite time of year, partly because of the start of the hockey season, and partly because of the symbolism of fruitfulness in dying.

What we got, of course, was day upon day of lashing wind and rain, delays while we acquired the necessary painting goodies, a complete lack anyway of conditions for painting, and a cold that sent me to bed and left the inside of my head feeling rather like a tacky rag (that's one of the aforementioned painting accessories). Looking at the forecast for the next week or so, we've just about given up on any idea of an autumn cruise.

What's been interesting is to see how we've survived staying put, not going out, not doing very much at all. It's somehow been easier than the times when we were stopped because there was some database work I had to do, but not much for my best beloved. More than a day of that was hard – this has been about OK. On a walk two days ago we came across a couple in the 35 foot NB Lilliput. He said it was a week-boat, because with a boat that size you need a marriage counsellor after 7 days, but there isn't room for one on board! All-in-all, so far, we've done pretty well.


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