Wednesday 20 November 2013


Changing all Erin Mae's halogen bulbs for LEDs was not cheap, but a no-brainer for saving those batteries (and the planet). The old ceiling fittings limited the size of the replacements, but an 8-blob unit was just out, and did the job very well, if slightly less brightly than before. We feel very worthy at using just 10% of the current.

So, needing to replace the light fitting in our kitchen at home, we decided to go for an LED solution, and found one on the internet. I wasn't sure how the LEDs would be fitted, but tended to assume there'd be three or four bright bulbs inside. When I removed the cover, this is what I found.

Rather more than the 8 blobs of Erin Mae's units! I haven't counted them properly – I'm not sure I can stand the anticipation of losing track about two-thirds of the way through. They're not in rows, but a little bit of geometry suggests there are in the region of 144π, about 450.

The fitting of this item has certain challenges. Electrically I'm going to use a Wagobox connector – new to me, but straightforward, I think. But fixing the whole thing to the ceiling is slightly complicated by having to support the screws on the screwdriver as you pass them through those holes in the light-plate, while holding the whole thing in position with the other hand. The manufacturer appears to be well aware of the issue – I quote from the instructions:

"6. Screw the Screws Through the Fitting into the Pre-placed Anchors.
This step is a little hard because the screws are shorter than the fitting. We are so sorry that we do not find so a long screws. 2 people working together are much easier."

Says it all, really. But I don't remember the last time an instruction manual apologised for the design of the item in question!


  1. Martin, I changed all Wand'ring Barks lights to LED last year. In the end it was successful but I used small 9 led units in the salon to start with and they were not bright enough and a bit "cold". Instead I bought a couple of 25 led units with white dome coverings rom Mid Chandlers at nearly £40 each. Not cheap but the light quality is excellent and they draw almost no current. Its the future!

    1. Truth to tell, my best beloved finds our present setup not quite bright enough, but there's really no alternative for the ceiling lights. However, Erin Mae has four wall-lights, and I'll probably end up putting something more powerful in those. But at the price of these bulbs, you want to make sure you get it right!