Monday 14 April 2014


41 years ago today we tied the knot. So we celebrated by exploring the wonders of the A446, M42, M40, A34, M3, M27…  And as for our anniversary lunch, it was a couple of splendid ham salad granary rolls made to order by Janey at the Spar in Great Haywood, washed down (the rolls, that it, not Janey) by an Americano and a Flat White at Cherwell Valley services. Wonderfully romantic! However, we did find time for a celebratory meal yesterday – venison casserole at the Hollybush Inn in Salt.

Tonight, having continued the celebrations by going through the post that had accumulated in our absence and paying on line for a new tax disc, it will be a magnificent stir fry by yours truly, with turkey breasts from the freezer, and not-too-out-of-date veggies that have either been to Great Haywood and back with us, or patiently awaited our return. It's amazing what a good stir-frying can do to slightly elderly veggies, especially with a pot of Puttanesca sauce and the addition of a handful of cashews and black olives.

But that classy and expensive restaurant along the coast will have to sit in ignorance of our tastes for yet another year.


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