Wednesday 23 September 2015

Lincolnshire wonders

We saw three wonders today, as we journeyed from Saxilby to Lincoln.

First was a very nicely executed circle in the sky.

Second was a bend in the Fossdyke. This was actually a double S-bend, and they're collectors' items.

Third was a hill in Lincolnshire.

I didn't know they had them. And what a hill! We walked up it to the Cathedral complex this afternoon, and it felt as though we were back on the Pennine Way.

This street, by which we eventually descended, is appropriately named "Steep Hill"! After going down most of it I realised, with regret, that I hadn't photographed its name where I'd seen it, at the top. And I certainly wasn't going back up again. Here's one final shot to try and get across how steep a hill this is.

Today was a preliminary excursion to the Cathedral / Castle area. Tomorrow will be the main event, when we have to decide which of the sights on show are worth (to us) their entry fee. And fortunately we've discovered the bus that will relieve our legs of the responsibility for getting us up the hill again.


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