Tuesday 20 December 2016

A tachy Christmas

Among the various parcels delivered to our door this week was, at last, a replacement adaptor harness for connecting Erin Mae's existing wiring to the new tachometer I bought what seems like an age ago. This time the supplier appears to have got it right. I've checked the actual wiring against the various diagrams, and it looks as though it should work. Of course, since Erin Mae has been put down to hibernate for the winter, it is likely to be April before we actually go up and fit it. Who knows what issues might emerge then!

Thank you to those who expressed concerns about this deteriorating body. The jaundice on which I reported three weeks ago is still there, but it feels as though it may have turned a corner this week – the consultant says the blood profile is moving in the right direction. I still get knackered and a bit wobbly – I've had to miss playing my accordion for our village carol singing tonight. They still don't really know what caused it, but the chief suspect is a reaction to the antibiotic the GP gave me for a scratchy thing that developed on my shoulder while we were still out in Erin Mae in October.

There are, of course, many people, including both friends and acquaintances and those in the desperate situations we hear about in the news, whose situations render my own completely trivial in comparison. As we celebrate Christmas we'll be remembering and praying for many for whom the season will bring anything but joy. But for ourselves, this is a very happy time of year, and I trust it will be so, as well, for all who read this post. You are appreciated!


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