Tuesday 13 June 2017

Birthday girl

My best beloved has finally joined me at the milestone we were celebrating this month with our European cruise – assiduously reported in this blog. So today we went for coffee in the Rhinefield Hotel in the New Forest, to have a card-opening session. And very nice it was too.

This was the view out of the window.

We wanted to go for a meal at The Ship in Distress at Mudeford today, but when we rang up to book they said they couldn't do lobster or crab because, for some reason, the local boats can't get out to harvest them at the moment. Since one of those was my best beloved's chief desire, we decided to postpone it until they're back on the menu. We shall ring in the morning to see whether the boatmen are out, and make a booking if they are. Otherwise we'll probably get to Erin Mae for a few days.

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