Thursday 20 July 2017

Tour d'Avebury

What with all this time on the south coast away from Erin Mae, we were due a day out. We drove to Avebury in Wiltshire, a small village sitting within a stone circle.

The National Trust cares for the site and owns the manor house.

They have done a superb job of creating a visitor centre, making good use of some of the old barns.

The stone circle itself is far larger than Stonehenge,

and some of the stones have fascinating shapes.

There's an avenue between the main circle and an associated site, which we explored on our bikes.

Up hill and down dale – inspired by the TdF, my best beloved was daunted by nothing,

though she did need a bit of a rest at the end!

We picked the best day of the week for our visit. For anyone on the Kennet and Avon, it's perhaps within hiking rather than strolling distance, and thoroughly worth the effort.


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