Thursday 14 April 2011

38 and counting

In the style of the boating blogger: 3 nights, 0 miles, 0 locks. We stayed put! The unpredictable wind meant this was not the right time to explore the wonders of single-handed boat control, in spite of some recent encouraging posts from those who do it all the time. So instead we used the excuse of picking up a roll of window sealing stuff from the chandlers at Penkridge to do a gentle exploration of some Staffordshire countryside, by car. When the knee is back to its normal size, with some semblance of strength and flexibility, we'd like to do some further exploration on foot, as well as by water.

Anyway, the weather was going to get wetter, so home we came on Wednesday, well pleased with what we'd achieved. The knee had not complained too much, and my best beloved not at all. Today's our 38th, so we're off out to celebrate in a restaurant overlooking Poole harbour, where the boats cost considerably more than what we forked out for the Erin Mae. We're content.


  1. Congratulations and I hope you have a great night out :)

  2. Sorry we missed you, came up to your pontoon on Thursday, but you'd obviously gone. We were there on Monday night too, but didn't know where you were moored. For some reason , when I'm connected by dongle, it won't let me comment on your blog, so I couldn't ask you. Off for my op 7 a.m. Monday so it may well be a few weeks till we are there again. Congratulations on your 37th and hope to meet up soon at Great Haywood!

  3. @Mo Wood

    Hope the op goes well, Mo. Margaret says don't skimp on the pain control. Personally I can't think why anyone would want to! I can see that in just a few weeks Mike and I will send you and Margaret off for a long walk while we have a guitar jammin' session!