Monday 11 April 2011


You wouldn't want things to be completely predictable, would you? You plan a week's cruise, and then have to make allowances for a new knee. You ask Engineering to complete the work on Erin Mae's plumbing, and they tell you the calorifier is split. For those who don't know, that's the hot water tank. Probably the aftermath of the November freeze, which happened in the middle of the purchase process. So it has to be replaced, and there's no running water till that's done.

Are we despondent? No! Just a bit further out of pocket. Why sit around doing therapeutic exercises at home when we could be doing them on the Erin Mae! So up we came (without The Chair). Sunday was glorious, and my best beloved sat in state on the cruiser stern enjoying the ducks and the heron and the hot air balloons against the early evening sky, while her devoted slave shifted the luggage, hung the curtains, put away the new kitchen gear, made up the bed, got the food, fell asleep...!  Monday morning, she was up betimes for the sake of the analgesic routine, while her devoted slave...remained in bed asleep. Well, she's on sick leave whie I'm on annual leave. There must be a difference.

Today was a typical April mixture, not exactly good for sitting out. But we were able to arrange with Engineering for the new calorifier, order a washing machine to be installed at the same time, and survive a whole day without running water on board. Filled up the kettle and the bucket from the tap don't know how many times. Used the oven for the first time for a lasagne. Two nights in a row on board! Not quite sure what tomorrow will bring. But that's half the fun.


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