Monday 22 August 2011

Salt and Sandon

The Hollybush at Salt does a wonderful venison casserole, but they'd run out by 1 p.m., so we both had guinea fowl for Sunday lunch. Yummy! Then we set out to walk it off. I've been experimenting with the Garmin Dakota 20 given to me at retirement – plotting a route on the computer, and then using the Garmin to follow it. Having the OS map on the device is great, and it's interesting to work with the differences from using a paper version.

The route we'd planned took us from Salt, over the Trent and Mersey and the A51 and through the Sandon estate. Woodland, grassland, the odd monument, a 12th century church and a long stretch of towpath before we got back to the pub. My best beloved's knee reports feeling ready for a 24 hour rest, but OK apart from that.

The Hollybush Inn, Salt

The helmsman and the fishermen seemed to be playing chicken. We stayed to watch – and they did get their rods up just in time.

This entrance to the Sandon estate looks more inviting than the main one down the road.

Pisa it is not, but Pitt's column really does seem to be off the vertical.

Trentham Tower. Folly it may be, but it must have offered some fabulous views when new. Now it is a bit of an eyesore, with broken stone and plasterwork.

All Saints, Sandon, unfortunately locked.


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