Sunday 21 August 2011

Tixall Wide again

Saturday morning we moved Erin Mae to the service jetty for a pump-out, and decided on the spur of the moment to see how my wrist would respond to slightly longer on the tiller. So off we went on our favourite day-trip, a gentle half-hour down to Tixall Wide. The wrist was mostly OK, the day was mostly fine, and we had a great chill-out. Is this retirement, holiday or convalescence? Not sure, but it's what the doctor ordered!


  1. So glad you've managed to get up to the boat and have had a bit of a pootle! We'll be coming up at the weekend after my final physio torture session. We must surely manage to bump into each other eventually, although preferably not literally!

  2. Well, Mo, we've asked the workshop to look at our toilet – it's giving a bit of unwanted feedback. Given the nature of the task, we decided to leave them to it and came home today. If they get it sorted in the next couple of days, we may well be back up at the weekend. If not, we'll have to see. Anyway, hope the physio goes well. Margaret's bought an exercise machine from Argos – an Everlast device that consists of pedals without the bike. It complements walking by getting the knee to flex. It also exercises muscles she'd forgotten she had!

  3. We've delayed setting off as friends who were coming with us, have their son in hospital, so we've been hanging on to see how things turned out. We've decided to wait till the bank holiday weekend is over and then wander up at our leisure. That's the good thing about retirement!
    I ride my bike weather permitting, though this week hasn't been conducive. I found the rowing machine at the physio gym was good, but rather too large and expensive to get one for home, so I guess I'll just keep pedalling. Hope the loo gets sorted. Ours packed up on our first big trip out last summer on a Saturday, halfway between Braunston and Napton. Managed with a bucket till we found a chap near Braunston locks, Justin Green, who sorted it out for us. Somebody had put a disposable nappy down at some point...and the plastic liner had gradually twisted itself round the macerator till it could no longer turn. I suspect it was an act of sabotage by the previous owners , who had the boat repossessed. Boating certainly makes you consider your intake,output and waste management in a new light! kind regards Mo Wood