Wednesday, 6 June 2012

A little piece of Cornwall

Today, the bus arrived and carried us, yet again, into Chester. We wanted some good coffee, a proper Wi-Fi connection and a modicum of peace, and it was the West Cornwall Pasty Company that came up trumps. Just wish I'd had a camera for the surfboards, fast tide warnings and ancient photographs that bedecked the walls of the upstairs accommodation. My best beloved went off to M&S and Waterstone's while I did some college work via the internet. Then we had pasties (handcrafted in Cornwall, all the potatoes grown in Falmouth, only Davidstow cheese, etc, etc – even the lad who took our cash came from beyond Penzance). Our oldest, who lives in Falmouth, would no doubt argue that anything but a Philps is a deception and why would you want a fast food Cornish Pasty in Chester anyway? But we didn't need anything else to eat until we got back to the boat well after 5, courteously dropped off by the driver right outside the gate.

Today, it was also as wet as any Cornishman could wish for. The heavens opened regularly and threatened to flood the pavements as we waited for the bus home. The appalling forecast affects our discussions about when to leave Tattenhall. We want to get to Middlewich for the Folk and Boat Festival at the end of next week. It will take us only two or three days of leisurely travel, and we don't want to do it 'midst storm and alarm, but we're getting itchy feet. Perhaps it will come down to when the electric runs out!


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