Tuesday 5 June 2012

Old Ma's Café

With the sky as bleak as ever, we went and waited for the bus into Chester. And waited … and … and eventually decided it wasn't coming. So we walked to the Manor Farm Shop instead – a nice mile to work off yesterday's stiffness. And that, of course, required some caffeine and carbs to set us up for the return journey, in the attached "Old Ma's Café". Definitely a Ma, but not a very old one, who came through from the shop to serve us. So we got chatting about the name, and eventually a slightly more senior Ma came through to join us. She blamed the name on her son-in-law, but didn't seem too upset by it.

Suitably fortified, we extended our walk into Tattenhall village to see the sights. A nice NISA supermarket provided some sun-dried-tomato baguettes, creamy Stilton, a wonderfully mature Camembert and some locally roasted ham, and we walked home via another local landmark, the Ice Cream Farm, which was packed out with families enjoying the animals and activities (and the ice cream). By the time we got back to Erin Mae it was almost as late for lunch as yesterday. But the food was fabulous. There's not much can match this Ma's café.


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