Thursday 26 July 2012

Mercian mercy

We've had a window sealed up by means of a temporary and unsightly fix for far too long, my own attempts at removing and attending to it having come to nought. This being the season for sorting out windows, we drove over to Mercia marina to see if they could offer some help. They have both one of the main centres for the people who made Erin Mae, and an engineering works involved in making boats as well as looking after them.

Justin in engineering was really helpful and, sure enough, had worked with Aqualine boats before. We were able to talk with him about fixing windows (i.e. what can go wrong) and fix a date in August for having Erin Mae over there. Then we dropped in on the New and Used Boat Company and talked with Ian about various things to do with paint and maintenance. He's been boating since he was the size of a windlass, and it was very useful to tap into his experience about a number of things. Following up on something he said we came home by way of Streethay Wharf to ask Bruce in the workshop about the butyl sealant strip he uses for windows.

The root meaning of "mercy" is apparently about showing kindness to people in need. Today we qualified.


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