Friday 6 July 2012

Rainy day man

Shocker of a day, filled with delights. While the rain came down I walked into the village to see if my mislaid credit card was at the Post Office. It was – "Knew you'd be back for it in a couple of days", he said. He's a star. On the way back I noticed the hairdresser had an old-fashioned barber's pole outside, so I popped in to discover that they would cut my hair for £6. For me, Great Haywood's stock is rocketing skywards.

The rain came down, and the kids played in the boat. Elissa made crowns for us all out of card, and imaginations ran riot on the floor under the table as Luke Skywalker and the fluffy cat competed for attention.

Still the rain came down. Plans to go for a stroll across to Shugborough evaporated. So I googled "Things to do in Stafford" and, thankfully, what came up was Things To Do In Staffordshire. Standing out in flashing lights was "Come Into Play" in Stone. I'm sure this sort of indoor play area exists all over the country, but it's the first time I've been in one. Wooden towers and rope walks and slides and sponge ball cannons and swings, all in a warm warehouse with lots of tables for parents to drink coffee. Even a quiet chill out room for craft and reading (and chilling). As the MasterCard advert might say: As long as the kids want in an energetic and creative play zone – £4.50; 3 hours of carefree relaxation for grandparents – priceless.

The rain was still coming down as we left. But Simon was joining us from London at 6, and Iain from Cornwall, probably nearer midnight. Elissa and Sam haven't seen their uncles for years, and are excited at having them come, even for a short time. So we'll plan a run up to Sandon. It's not going to rain tomorrow.


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