Friday 31 August 2012

Masking tape

Most of my students over the years realised that to be able to work successfully with people they needed to know and come to terms with themselves and their own inner dynamics. Their life history inevitably created sticky patches underneath. The surprise with which they discovered such areas was matched by the amazement at how resistant such things can be when you try to do something about them. Many of my best memories relate to students who, against all the odds, dealt with themselves successfully and went on to make significant contributions in the lives of others.

We've been dealing again with stuff underneath that has been left too long to harden. But this time it's the glue from the masking tape around Erin Mae's leaky window! I had to do something to prevent water ingress over last winter, and I had this roll of masking tape that I thought would do the job. It did – but I didn't know then what I know now about what happens when you leave it in place for long periods. So in preparation for the painting repairs and maintenance that are about to follow the sorting of the window, I set to with a range of solutions to deal with the unsightly mess. Hot water with car shampoo, white spirit, paintbrush cleaner, surgical spirit. All had some effect but not the result I was looking for.

We googled it – what a range of suggestions, including WD40 and peanut butter! We already knew about "Sticky Stuff Remover", and that seemed to fit the bill, so off I went to Stafford B&Q. Was a bit longer than intended because of some additional shopping, and when I got back my best beloved said "Have a look at the window." While I'd been out she'd done most of the job with nail varnish remover! I'd been worried about that removing the paint as well as the goo, but it generally seems to be OK. So in a minute I'll go out with my newly acquired magic stuff to tidy up the remaining little bits.

Not sure about simplest solutions being the best. For me it's the solution that matches the problem that wins, every time. And that's for people, as well as masking tape.


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