Tuesday 28 August 2012

Two days in the life

It's not only the weekends you miss when you're retired – yesterday's Bank Holiday came and went fairly unremarked. I played around with blog post titles such as "Battened down at Brewood's Bridge 8", but it was basically a day to forget (if its Creator will forgive me). The most exciting thing was running the engine for a couple of hours to charge the batteries. The steerers of the few boats that went by were huddled in their oilskins, looking as though they thoroughly regretted the decision to take on the Four Counties. Mind you, it was quite a productive day, as I got my mind on writing database scripts for some sensible stretches of time.

What a contrast today! We were up, showered, breakfasted and on the cut before 8 a.m., with the sun shining gloriously, and some wonderful reflections in the water. Down to Autherley Junction and up to Penkridge. That was when I paid the penalty for the database work, as I collected the emails telling me which bit wasn't working and could I please do something about it.

So instead of pushing on, we tied up, had a relaxed lunch, some more internet work to sort out the issues, and then walked into the village to get some exercise and a few provisions. But we avoided the temptation to visit Jaspers. It's a beautiful calm evening. Since tomorrow's weather forecast, althought pretty dire, is not as bad as Thursday's, we'll probably join the oilskin crowd and try to make it back to Great Haywood in one hit.

But where did the Bank Holiday go?

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  1. As usual, we shall be arriving just as you are leaving I suspect.