Tuesday 26 August 2014


For some Christmas presents a couple of years ago I made a few CD clocks – a composite of some pictures of Erin Mae and family. I bought some clock-making kits from a friendly on-line company and printed the CDs on my own printer. I was quite pleased with the result.

I'd been thinking for years about making a clock with a wooden face, and since acquiring Erin Mae had been wanting a clock in her kitchen area that would fit in size-wise, something about six inches across. We'd looked at the circular, brass, nautical variety, but couldn't work out whether we liked them or not, and any that were pleasant to look at seemed very over-priced.  In the end, I made one using an off-cut from the thin wooden ply used for the sliding wardrobe doors in our bedroom at home. I did a South America / Brazil outline with a old OHP permanent pen, to remind us of our years over there, and finished the surface with beeswax before applying the numerals.

In retrospect, I think it would have been better with the edge an extra quarter or half an inch away from the numerals, but it looks good on the end wall of the kitchen. It's useful during cooking, and can easily be seen from the general living space. I 'm very cautious about putting screws into Erin Mae's woodwork, but this was one project that I thought merited it.


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