Monday 18 August 2014

Wedding pics

A bit off-topic for a boating adventure blog, but here are some of the pics my best beloved managed to take on the day of, what was for us (of course) the wedding of the year – when our NÂș 3 son Simon married his Sarah.

Selected family members await the bride,

as does the bridegroom and his father (your truly), who's going to marry them.

I think I can safely say that Simon's function band have never played a venue like this. The Albert Hall, yes. The chapel of Christ College, Brecon, no. Until now.

After the ceremony, Simon and Sarah leave for Pen Pont, in a nicely done up Land Rover.

Didn't we scrub up well!

As did Iain and Chris (sons numbers 1 and 2), and Chris's Norwegian wife Mie.

The cake was pretty impressive – and served with a cup of tea at tea time, about an hour before the main meal.

It had to be cut, of course.

Inside the teepee, everything looked very cool, including the chill-out zone where folk who wanted could just relax and listen to the band.

Tables and settings were, shall we say, rustic-chic, with a Moroccan flavour.

The top table (though it was actually in the middle) had chairs rather than benches – better for the bride's dress, and the couple's parents' backs!

The leaves were a nice touch – M.O.G. was Mother of the Groom!

The bar served different sorts of punch, and lots of other things.

 And a good time was had by all.


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