Sunday 10 May 2015

On the road

After an enjoyable meal with Halfie and Jan last Tuesday our immediate plans seemed to be fading. We'd hoped to be travelling to Mercia marina and back to fix some windows, but have had to postpone that until they could fit us in. We'd hoped to be getting started on the (to me) daunting task of seeing how to paint bits of Erin Mae's exterior, but the weather, both actual and forecast, has been so dire that this will have to wait. So on Wednesday we took the decision to drive home – we'd planned to be back on the south coast anyway for next weekend, when our church has a camping weekend away.

The upshot was that we drove south on Thursday, and found that our first roses are beginning to emerge – this one an Iceberg climber on the south-west wall of the house. In a few weeks there will be so many the foliage will be virtually hidden by the blooms.

Meanwhile I'd forgotten that we'd arranged with Autoglass to replace our windscreen, since we have a crack about 10 inches long down the left-hand side, probably from a stone flying up where they've been repairing a local road. I had to ring Autoglass and get them to come to our house instead of Great Haywood marina. That should be done tomorrow.

It certainly seems warmer and drier down here – confirmed by reading some of the blogs of those who are out boating further north. We'd like to be out and about, but there seems to be plenty to do while we're here, including raising more electrical questions on CanalWorld forums – this time about battery wiring.


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