Monday 4 May 2015

The side less noticed

Erin Mae's right-hand side gets less attention than the left, when we're in the marina. Coming on to the jetty, we're approaching the left side, and that's the side that lies against the pontoon. The other side is normally just a few inches from the boat next door, and tends to be unseen and ignored.

So when the boat next door moved out last night, we decided it might be a good day for pulling Erin Mae across to the neighbouring pontoon and do a clean and polish job on the neglected side. Neat division of labour – my best beloved cleaned and I polished.

So far so good, until my best beloved noticed yet another window-related problem. We haven't noticed any water getting through to the inside of the window, but this clearly needs some attention. Looks like another one for the Mercia marina people to remove for examination in a few weeks time. An in the meantime I imagine it merits a good squidge of Rust Exit and a bit of primer. Have to phone a friend…

It's not only boats that have sides less noticed. It's been interesting to see Shaun Murphy reflecting on what the last 10 years of his life have taught him, as a person as well as a player. One of the things I've noticed about him is that, win or lose, he's always got more than a cursory word for his opponent. Not every sportsman does that, and many would regard it a a fatal weakness. But I don't agree – it's a trait I like. I'm sure that tonight, win or lose (for those who don't know, the snooker world championship final) he will spend a moment congratulating Stuart Bingham and expressing his appreciation for the contest.

I just wish that the local atmospherics hadn't chosen this moment to deny me the opportunity of watching it on BBC2.


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