Tuesday 20 October 2015

No Problem at Atherstone

As we set out, it really could not have been a better late October day for boating.

It was only just over a mile to the first of the eleven Atherstone locks, and there we came up behind Vic & Sue on NB No Problem, who must have overtaken us while we were visiting Nuneaton yesterday.

There was also an extra pair of volunteer hands. Joe said it was a pleasure to be out, and everybody we met seemed to feel the same.

Most of the locks in this flight are very pretty. A CRT guy said there has been talk of bringing all the side-ponds back into service, and that would add to the hydro-mechanical interest, as well as tidying up those that have been de-commissioned.

Meanwhile my best beloved was dividing her energies between chatting to Sue (and giving her a hand!) and working Erin Mae down the flight behind her, with a little help from yours truly.

She was very pleased, given the outside temperature on this sunny day, to have a reason to wear her nice, cool socks.

Cool not, you understand, in the sense of cold. That wouldn't have been very sensible at all.

Down the flight at last, we passed Grandon boatyard – another one equipped with a splendid clock-tower that can't tell the time. It was time enough, however, to moor up for the day shortly after, before hitting anything more urban.

The locks had taken quite a while, but there was time to do some boaty jobs before having a cuppa. Then the sun told us that would do for today.

No problem at all!


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