Sunday 13 February 2011


“Have you got one of those hats with ‘Captain’ on the front?” He wasn't the first to ask, and it’s a bit worrying. Do they think it would match nicely the persona they already perceive? Or does the question indicate the lack of a certain je ne sais quoi, to be remedied in this way? I hope it’s not the recollection of Hyacinth Bucket!

Mind you, boaters need headgear. I don’t think I’ve ever seen more leather hats in one place than at last year’s IWA National Festival. Tried a few on, but the difference between sloppy on the ears and tight on the temple seemed to be about 2 mm. Does anyone know whether they stretch to fit before irreversible brain damage sets in?

Well, I’m going to need something more waterproof than the wonderful floppy in my profile picture, something that won’t blow off in the breeze, but which stays on without causing a migraine. If I can find the right piece of leather, the balance between image and function will look after itself. ‘Captain’ on the front? Probably not.


  1. Hi Martin

    This is sort of a comment, if you think of a boat cover as a hat! The tonneau cover over Erin Mae's stern deck had a big pool of water in the middle of it this morning.

    We've cleared it out, but it looks as if you'll have to sort out the strut that's supposed to keep the cover convex to avoid it getting even more stretched.

    Take care


  2. @Bruce in Sanity


    Thank you so much, both for the alert and for going the extra mile and getting rid of the water. I left the single spar in place when we came away last time, so I'm not sure what can have happened. We keep an anxious eye on the weather at Great Haywood, being so far away, and it will be a while before we can get up again. I think I'll give Steve at the marina a ring to see if he can sort something out for us. He's been more than helpful so far.

    Thanks again.