Tuesday 8 February 2011


We took a couple of students to Doncaster at the weekend – preparation for a practical training week in May for my tutor group. We couldn't resist going via Great Haywood. Well, all the group know about the boat and laugh at our enthusiasm. And we needed to stop somewhere for lunch. And it wasn't too far off the main route north. And we hadn't seen the Erin Mae since last weekend.

So my students were suitably impressed, as much by the central heating as by the lunch (more of Margaret's amazing home-made soup, etc). Steve and Dave, as usual, presented the smiley face of the marina, and the girls decided the toilets were pretty upmarket compared to what they had expected in the wilds of Staffordshire. So's the one in the boat, but it's still shut down for the winter.

Our first visitors – first of many, we hope. It's not really that we want to show off the Erin Mae. It's just the natural hospitality of those who live on the cut, isn't it?


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