Tuesday 1 February 2011

Second day on board

We won’t count them forever but, for the moment, every one is special. Three and a half hours’ drive each way, plus stops, for only four or five on the Erin Mae (and some of that snoozing). Those not in the know must think we’re crazy.

What did we accomplish? We finally found how to access the switches for the TV unit. We tried to decide whether the lack of signal was due to a fault with the aerial or the digital switchover. We checked that some bits of kitchen equipment would fit and we inspected what seemed a slight leak at one of the windows. We did justice to some magnificent home-made soup.

And then we were reminded that communication is sometimes an arcane art. Engineering had understood a discussion about a service – request for a quote and info about what it would entail – as a mandate to proceed. So a new fuel filter was in place and the oil as clean as you could wish for. All very nice, and we would probably have got them to do it anyway, so no complaints. Just a note to self to remember that communication occurs in the ear of the hearer, not the mouth of the speaker.

A day well-spent? Yup.


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