Thursday 17 May 2012

Bloggers' boats

We've only run into a couple of other boating bloggers on our travels so far. We met Bruce and Sheila when they overwintered at Great Haywood a year and a bit ago, then again on the Trent and Mersey last Autumn. And we chatted with Bones at Annie's tea rooms last summer. But that's it.

Yesterday we missed two and a half opportunities as we came down to Penkridge. NB Rock 'n Roll and NB Bendigedig were tied up on opposite sides of the cut within a short distance of each other. I was too surprised to think to stop and say hello to either, though I checked out their blogs later to make sure it was them. I suppose I'm a bit diffident about this sort of thing – but I also know how much I've enjoyed it when people who've read this blog take the trouble to introduce themselves. It's a funny old thing, doing the self-analysis to understand the balance between the confidence and the shyness in yourself.

And the half? That was a narrowboat called Briar Rose. Checking out the blog, it was apparent this was a different Briar Rose. Just as well I didn't stop to greet them – they'd have wondered what on earth I was talking about!


  1. As far as I know, there's only one other Briar Rose registered (and that's actually got a THE in front). We have met them -- in fact we moored right next to them on the Atherstone flight last year!

  2. We are bound to meet one day - you are only 7 hours cruising from our base!

  3. @Adam – Ah, I think it did have a "THE". Must have been THEM.

    @Captain Ahab –Unfortunately, tomorrow we plan to turn in the opposite direction and head up to Chester!