Thursday 3 May 2012

Losing it

So – about 3 grams lighter than I was yesterday, plus whatever was used up in nervous energy. It's slightly strange, one moment lying there, chatting about books with the man who's shortly to incise your incisor (well, molar in this case) and, the next thing you know, the magician's assistant is gently telling you the deed is done. While the magician himself is assuring you that the mouth won't hurt at all and to be sure to look up Ben Kane on Amazon.

Home we came, with my best beloved at the wheel and yours truly in less of a daze than expected. Being required to spend the day quietly has been a nice excuse to watch some snooker while doodling with database design on the laptop.

The blurb about the sedative said it could affect my memory today (don't sign any important documents, etc). Probably something I have to get used to, anyway! I know there's something I have to do now the tooth is out. Hm … oh yes, get up to Erin Mae as soon as possible, April having done its worst. Probably Saturday. Bring it on!


  1. We came home from GH on Friday about ships that pass in the night. Glad it went well.

  2. Figured you'd been around when I saw that The Great Escape was round the other way to last time! I've to go down on Wednesday for a check-up on Thursday, so it will probably be Friday we return. Then. hopefully, we can venture out onto the waterways.

    Hope your various health issues have been improving, Mo.

  3. I'm much better thanks, and itching to get back on the water...but life is not always exactly how we want it to be...our friend Steve, whom they thought had a stroke back in December, turned out to have brain tumours and is unlikely to be with us much longer, so we don't want to be too unreachable or far from base for now.It feels wrong to be out having fun when they are having such a horrendous time and he is slipping away from us. They had hoped, by now, to be out with us on the Escape. So sad.