Friday 25 May 2012

Harry, Wendy and Nantwich

Harry and Wendy spent 18 years aboard NB Water Lupin, before selling her 5 years ago. I met them outside the Wright almshouses, where Wendy was resting on a bench, while Harry was tending the garden.

The lupins in the garden descend from those they grew on their boat

This particular almshouse was originally built in 1638 on a different site, but was moved to its present location, stone by stone, in 1974.

We had coffee in the bookshop. Oak panelling, leather chairs and very helpful staff. 

Nantwich has certainly grown to appreciate some of its architecture. The Rotary Club has put up plaques noting some of the people and occasions.

The Cheshire Cat was also an almshouse, before becoming an alehouse.

The church is mostly 14th century. Some earlier, some later. Typical detail in the stonework.

Overall we found Nantwich unexpectedly pleasing. We've left feeling we might well return for another saunter.


  1. All the greater joy for being unexpected!

    1. Indeed, Mo. In fact, that's been one of the characteristics of the journey so far.