Monday 16 September 2013


One thing you can say for the herons on this stretch of the network – they're not cowards like the ones on the Shroppie. Those Shropshire cousins look at you nervously until you're about 20 yards from them, and then it's up, up and away to a new perch (ho-ho!) 100 yards further on. Apparently not realising they're going to have to repeat the exercise in however long 100 yards takes at 3 mph.

The Peak herons just look at you scornfully, as you pass, for daring to disturb their patch. However, they're no lookers!

Perhaps this one had just given up for time being, or was feeling as drenched as we were coming back to Marple from Bugsworth Basin today. One minute the sun was shining bright, and the next freezing rain was being blown straight into our faces. However, we had pleasant cruising company in the shape of NB Oakfield, so were able to share the work on the two swing bridges and the two lift bridges.

Now we have a decision. Is it back down the Macc the way we came? Or is it straight on along the Peak Forest, which would result in our doing the Cheshire Ring before we return to base? It's out with the guides tonight, to see what doing the Ring might feel like at this time of year, and with the weather that's in store.


  1. If you decide on Manchester be careful! See letter in this month's Waterways World!

    1. Wow, Mo – that's scary! I've just checked it out on-line (one of the advantages of being a subscriber). The correspondents were writing about the Leeds and Liverpool, I think. The bit I've been most concerned about is the Lower Peak Forest and Ashton, but Oakfield and Briar Rose have done those recently.