Sunday 29 September 2013

Not sure what to do

We decided to come home from Middlewich via the Shroppie, with the opportunity of picking up some well-priced diesel on the way. I thought that a good run through to Nantwich would be very good for the batteries, and both limit and counteract the effects of too much running the engine just for charging. Unfortunately I hadn't reckoned on the consequences of the mind being able to range freely around the things currently taxing me, on account of having a long stretch of lock-free travel.

On the way back to Erin Mae after meeting with Middlewich Community Church in the morning, we popped up to see whether Kings Lock Chandlers were open. They weren't, but they had a large sign indicating they were a main Webasto centre. Webasto made our diesel central heating unit, and it's about time it had a service (like the engine!). So as we travelled, I was thinking:

1. Perhaps we should have hung around in Middlewich till Monday, to see whether they could do the service.
2. But we needed to cruise to charge the batteries. Perhaps we should cruise back to Middlewich tomorrow, once we've found out what their prices are and whether they can fit us in.
3. Was that an Isuzu sign I saw at their boatyard? Perhaps they could do the engine service as well. Must check out their website to see what vibes it gives about quality.
4. I'll probably need some diesel before we get to Wheaton Aston. Wonder what the Aqueduct Marina charge. Ring them and find out.
5. Perhaps Aqueduct do Webasto and Isuzu servicing. I'd have no worries about the quality of the work. What about their prices?

And so on. In the end we called in at Aqueduct, got a relatively small amount of diesel for more than they had quoted me over the phone, and Richard the main guy said they could do both the Webasto and the engine, but wasn't sure when. They could ring me at 9.30 tomorrow to find out. So we've tied up near the marina, instead of cruising to Nantwich. But now a check of the KLC website gives very good vibes, and suggests better prices – probably a bigger saving than the cost of going back there. I wonder what time they're open in the morning for a phone call. Now I'm not sure what to do.

So we shall enjoy the place we have moored up.

And we shall enjoy the lamb steaks I'm going to cook tonight. And we shall probably watch Downton Abbey. And we shall leave the troubles of tomorrow until tomorrow.


  1. I'd have no worries about using King's Lock; or if Nantwich is more convenient, then I'd happily go to the Nantwich Canal Centre; or norbury Wharf, where our share boat was based for a few years, would also be a good option.

    1. That's helpful, Adam.Always good to have a recommendation from someone who's been there before.

  2. I think you may need to consider alternative charging methods. Our 4x100 watt solar panels have put in 68 amps today, just about enough to scrape through. If we needed more our old 900 watt Honda generator directly feeds a sterling 40 amp charger. The geni works out at £0.78 per hour (incl servicing) and cost £100 to buy, the engine for charging works out at about £1.88 at 90/10 fuel declaration, I wouldn't like to guess what the price of a new beta engine is :-)

  3. Thanks for this. I've gone round and round trying to think about alternative charging methods! So far I haven't managed to match up the figures for cost-effectiveness, looking at the prices for solar, and what you get out of them. I know many, like yourselves, find they pay their way in the end.