Friday 13 September 2013


Before we got under way this morning, my best beloved spotted something definitely worth having, up above the tow path. Some of these from the hedgerow,

and some of these from the hedgerow,

to go with some of these, from Tesco!

We've never put elderberries in a blackberry and apple do-dah before. In fact I don't think we've ever picked elderberries before. Let's hope they add a little something to the flavour, and don't poison us.

As we travelled up the Macclesfield canal, we continued to spy other things up high.

I expect the inhabitants of this place get a bit blown about in the winter. Since the top of of the Bosley flight we have been as high as we are going on our way Bugsworth Basin and Whaley Bridge. Tonight we've just turned out of the Macclesfield on to the Peak Forest canal, so tomorrow should be the last leg of the journey – assuming there's enough water in the canal to get us there.


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