Tuesday 23 September 2014

Changes and obstructions

All a bit foggy and grey this morning. Maybe it's the time of year, maybe it's the cloud cover, maybe it's the latitude, maybe it's the Labour Party conference just down the road. Sun eventually came out for a while and, after nearly a week, we moved off the Bridgewater canal onto the Leigh branch of the Leeds and Liverpool. Everything from here is new territory.

And here was our first obstruction since coming onto the Bridgewater. A wonderfully sensible lift bridge, which automatically sounds the alarm, changes the traffic lights, drops the barrier and raises the bridge. All you have to do is use your key and then remember to keep your finger on the "Open" button. And, after your boat is through, repeat it all with the "Close" button.

The alternative, of course, is to take your finger off the button with the bridge half up and just let it sit there, but the queues of traffic building up both sides strongly discourage such behaviour!

We came through with NB Dunrushin, and then followed them for a while, before tying up at the Dover Lock Inn (proclaiming that it is under new management) just before the drizzle started. Had a late lunch and listened to Ed Miliband's speech on the radio. As they said, he was speaking to the nation, not just to the conference. It sounded to me as though he is beginning to communicate better some of the ideas he is undoubtedly passionate about. We shall discover in time whether they can avoid being drowned out by the political cat-calling which, unfortunately, is bound to be part of the run-up to the election.


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