Wednesday 10 September 2014

Flash mob

The first time we came through Croxton flash was pure amazement, while it was on the second that, to our delight, we met the Great Crested Grebe. Today, as we meandered northwards from Middlewich, it was something totally different.

At first we thought it was just Canada Geese. Then we noticed some other species, including a large gathering of gulls on the far bank – not sure why they'd been separated.

Finally as we turned the corner to leave the flash, we encountered this lone cygnet. Appeared to have lost his mummy and daddy, but doing the teenager thing, I suppose.

We'd intended making our way to the Anderton Boat Lift, but since we'd had a late start it was getting on for lunch time by the time we arrived at Bramble Cuttings, and felt it was definitely time for a pause at this delightful spot. That quickly became a decision to stop for the night. We kept the engine running for a bit for the sake of the batteries, but there was a harvester going in the field behind the hedge, so you couldn't really hear it. Now engine is off, harvester has gone and the peace is complete.

I took the opportunity to adorn the flue collar with a bit of shiny black stuff. One more coat should see it serviceable and ready for the new chimney.


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