Thursday 13 November 2014


Like anyone else, boaters value people they can trust. I suppose you build up a list of those you'd go back to because you're confident they know their job, will charge you a fair price, won't rip you off, will help if they can. In our short experience on Erin Mae, and outside of our own marina, Kings Lock Chandlers in Middlewich, Oxley Marine at Autherley Junction and the Anglo-Welsh guys at Great Haywood all definitely come into that category.

In the world of the motor car, such things are more rare. But today I've had my car serviced by people I've learned to trust, over a period of about fifteen years. Keith Motors in Christchurch are a family firm, and a local Ford dealership. They keep their staff, and they have a good mixture of the older guys who know what's wrong by listening to the rattle, and the ones who are extremely comfortable with the computer analysis. They ring you up to check that's it's OK to do a bit of unforeseen work, and they tell you if something is unnecessary. If they've slipped up somehow, they'll put it right. They're friendly, they know their customers, they're helpful without being pushy.

I don't mind doing a bit of advertising for people like this. A world dominated by politicians and bankers always raises the question of who you can trust. It's nice when you have at least a few answers.


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