Monday, 10 November 2014

Twin toilet

Erin Mae has a very nice loo.

And now, Erin Mae's loo has a twin. However, it's not on Erin Mae. It's in Burundi!

We signed up to twin the loo at The idea is that it helps with the provision of sanitation in places de-stink-ly lacking it, and thereby makes a contribution to the solving of a number of social issues. It's a great initiative, and the website reveals how it's much more than a project to go and dig a hole in the ground – in fact it isn't that at all.

Returning to the website to get the URL for this post, I see that Wednesday 19th November has been designated World Toilet Day! And not by card manufacturers (who, I believe, invented Father's Day) but by none less than the United Nations General Assembly. So if any of my readers feel inclined, perhaps I could recommend twinning your own toilet with one in Burundi, or Bangladesh, or Afghanistan, or Sierra Leone, or…

Apparently, we shall in due course receive a twinning certificate with a picture of the twin or one like it. When it arrives I shall proudly post it on this blog. And if ever you are in Burundi…


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