Wednesday 19 November 2014

World Toilet Day!

Well, here it is. The day we've all been waiting for – except for those who couldn't wait (ho-ho!). It's WORLD TOILET DAY! Check out the website, squirm at the humour, understand the issues.

And maybe do something to help. What we did was to twin Erin Mae's toilet. Here's the certificate to prove it.

The twin's in Burundi. Are we awash with warm feelings of moral superiority? Hardly. We haven't exactly saved the world. But, so they say, something is better than nothing.

Yesterday I discovered that the Toilet Twinning office is not far from where we live near Christchurch when we're not on Erin Mae. They're looking to grow their team, and they're asking those who know them to pass on the word – see the website if you're interested.

Or just think about twinning your own loo, like we did.


  1. Our twinned toilet certificate hangs on the loo on the boat!

    1. Nice one, Cap'n. Perhaps there's another one waiting to be twinned in the amazonic depths of the BCN!