Friday 16 January 2015

Favourite food

In our first letter to Rafael, the child we're sponsoring in Brazil, we had to write down certain things about ourselves, including our favourite food. Now that's hard, but in the end we plumped for saying "food with a Brazilian flavour". They say that one of the things Brazilian men miss when they leave home is their mother's seasoning! When we lived there, we found new flavours and new ways of cooking that we enjoy to this day.

Tonight we were going to go to the supermarket but, when I got home, we were tired and it was cold out, so we decided to leave it till tomorrow. Our evening meal therefore depended on what we had in the house, and the Erin Mae experience has basically trained us (a) to carry less; (b) not to depend on the freezer; (c) to keep a small stock of specific supplies that can easily be made into a meal. So tonight it was macaroni cheese, using fusilli rather than macaroni, and with a tin of tuna incorporated. A little bit of extra seasoning helped it along, but what really made it was the tin of baked beans! Back to our childhoods with a vengeance. Not Brazilian at all, but yummy!


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