Sunday 11 January 2015


I printed off this picture of Erin Mae this evening, to send to Rafael.

Rafael is a 7-year old Brazilian boy, with whom we are just starting out on a journey. Whether that will ever include him coming cruising on Erin Mae, only time will tell. For the moment the journey means financial help from us towards his education and related issues, backed up with contact via letters. We hope he will find it really encouraging that someone thousands of miles away is interested in him and wants the best for him.

We'd been thinking about sponsorship of this sort for a while, especially through coming into contact with Compassion UK, the organisation that acts as intermediary with those who are involved at a local level in Brazil. It felt such an obvious thing to do, but we were well aware that it's an ongoing commitment. So it was after some serious consideration that we finally felt able to bite the bullet.

Well, our first letter is going off to Rafael, along with some pictures of us, our grandchildren, and Erin Mae. We wonder what he'll make of us! But it feels very good to be involved in this way with helping to change one boy's life for the better.


  1. Margaret and Martin how wonderful. I am sure Rafael's life will change so much now that you have his interest. He is going to be gobsmacked at seeing Erin Mae and will want to ask all sorts of questions.. Thoughts too about what life is like in England on the canals, enough to keep him from sleeping at night I guess.

    Good luck both of you, I do hope you blog about Rafael's return letter I'd love to hear.

    1. Thank you, Sue. Kind words. I'll gladly put something in about Rafael from time to time.