Tuesday 13 January 2015


10 years ago Sam was born, at 26 weeks. Under 2 lbs, and about as long as a pencil.

Probably didn't help that his dad (our son number two) is a paediatrician. Couldn't be involved in the treatment, but knew everything that was going on and understood the perils all too well.

Sam had problems with both feeding and breathing. He needed a tube down his windpipe, but a tube they inserted was a size too large and caused scarring on his larynx. He lived with a tracheotomy for a while, and had no voice. So many indications were negative.

But Sam was a fighter. And the Norwegian social services (the family lives in Oslo) were magnificent in providing backup and funding treatment. He grew through all the problems into a fun, imaginative child with both a killing sense of humour and the ability to have serious conversations with his grandparents. He has an amazing sense of balance which sees him climbing all sorts of things and doing breakdance. He eventually even recovered a voice, though nobody is quite sure how and parade ground shouting or opera singing are unlikely to figure in his future. For the last three years he's been able to come over in the summer, along with Elissa and Theo, and sing the Erin Mae song with us.

Today, Sam is 10. Happy Birthday, Sam!


  1. What a wonderful story and a wonderful boy - Happy Birthday Sam.

    1. Thank you, Carol. I'll pass on your greetings!