Thursday 4 August 2016


We're sort of betwixt and between. We're back on Erin Mae, but we don't want to cruise because our 4th grandchild (the 1st for Noº 3 son and wife) is expected next week, and we'd like to be able to visit when the big event finally takes place. We originally thought we'd spend a few days starting on some of the painting jobs that scare me, for which we'd need to move out of the marina, but the weather's not good enough for that. In addition, there's some stuff from Amazon arriving at the local Post Office, according a rather extended and inconvenient timetable.

Meanwhile we've sent our new 12 volt TV back to Avtex. While the Norwegian grandchildren were here we watched a Charlie Brown DVD with them, using the built-in player. After an hour it stopped, and nothing I could do would get it going again or eject the disc. Avtex have been very helpful, picked up the TV from the marina yesterday, and have told us it will be coming back, fixed, tomorrow. That's pretty good service, but it's just one more metaphorical mooring line.

So it's been a very quiet day. I walked up to the farm shop to get a bit of broccoli while it drizzled on me, but it's mostly been reading and keeping an eye on the Test Match. Perhaps we'll get a walk tomorrow, provided the promised weather holds and DPD don't take until 5 p.m. to return the TV.


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