Saturday 27 August 2016


Today we drove across to the IWA waterways festival at Pelsall.

We knew Halfie and Jan would be there on Jubilee.

We found him in typical Halfie volunteer mode!

Then we walked down the line to find Captain Ahab, Wand'ring Bark and the Jam Butty.

Trade was proceeding well and, with some Christmas present ideas in mind, we made our own contribution to his pension fund. Up and over the bridge were the working boats Leo and Scorpio making a colourful splash, and welcoming all on board to show what a traditional working family's cabin would have been like.

Back at the BCF tent after lunch we chatted with Jan and some others, and then the heavens opened. Half an hour spent getting rid of the lakes of rain collecting on the tent roof was a precarious business – a thoroughly saturated shirt the result.

As we drove away the slope up to the exit was already looking muddy. Hope that's the last deluge, or some of the drivers might not be going home just yet!