Monday 25 September 2017


As we came up the first lock of the day, two moored boaters about 50 yards ahead saw us coming and scrambled. The second of the two seemed to take longer to sort out his ropes, but off he went just as we were opening the top gate.  Grrr!

We caught him up at the first lock in Penkridge – presumably his mate was in transit. It appeared we would be in for quite a wait, so instead we tied up and walked down into the town. We always walk back past the old prison, and on this occasion (a) we had an idea for a couple of deserving occupants, and (b) my best beloved was reminded that she's never done a prison visit in her life (like most people, probably).

Guess what else is in the middle of Penkridge!

Last night we watched a programme in which various participants were so horrified by the effects of diet and lifestyle on their bodies that they were shocked into some radical beneficial changes. It was very impressive – but Jasper's was calling! The first part of our purchase was mostly OK – two ham salad granary rolls (though the presenters would have suggested an alternative to the ham, and Dr Atkins might have said something about the bread). They were delicious. So was the second part of our purchase, but in this case the presenters would have definitely raised some corporate eyebrows. Two buns, no doubt containing enormous amounts of all the wrong things, went extremely well with a cuppa when we finally moored up at Calf Heath.

The dastardly deed was done, unrepentedly. It probably wasn't quite bad enough to get us incarcerated back in Penkridge for the night.


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