Sunday 24 September 2017


But no picture. I'd forgotten the wonderful garden we pass coming down towards Acton Trussell, though my best beloved hadn't. As we cruised by the riot of autumn glory I thought – that would make a nice one for the blog. However, all thoughts of the photo were immediately obliterated by the sight of a Countrywide Cruisers hirer coming at top speed round the corner.

Danger averted, I tried to pull in, to walk back along the towpath for a piccy, but it was too shallow to get near the bank. We were grounded and had to carefully manoeuvre off again. By the time we were at a point where I could have got us in safely, it would have been a quarter-mile hike back to the garden, and I was no longer in the mood.

Now you know I make enormous sacrifices for this blog, to satisfy the extraordinary demands of its discerning readership, but on this occasion I'm afraid I just have to present my apologies!


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