Friday 29 September 2017

Signs of things to come

Setting out when it seemed the overnight rain had finally finished, we did the 3 miles to Adderley and came down this flight of five locks. In three of them we crossed with a boat coming up, which cuts the work in half.

This flight is preparatory to the Audlem flight of fifteen, which we hope to do tomorrow, and where you feel you are really coming down towards the Cheshire plain. Appropriately, we passed these as we descended.

Cheshire is, for us, the black and white county and we expect to see a great many more Fresians. In the same field was this flock of gulls (I take it). It’s a bit worrying to see them gathered in this way. Even if it wasn’t a worm-fest, I suspect it’s a sign of significant wetness, and the forecast for Sunday is currently pretty appalling.

But, for now, we’ve tied up in a spot that is sunny and remote – so remote that there’s no mobile signal, and I can’t see any TV aerials on the few houses within sight. But it’s sunny and calm and peaceful, and we are about to enjoy a magnificent fritada prepared by my best beloved.

After that we shall have to go for a walk into the village to work it off, and to see whether I can find some sort of wifi signal to post this. If you’re reading it on Friday, you’ll know I succeeded.


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