Sunday 1 October 2017


We'd decided to join with Audlem Methodist Church for worship this morning. Getting up a little later than we should have led to a decision to have muesli instead of porridge for breakfast, to save a few minutes. In the middle of eating hers, my best beloved suddenly discovered she was chomping on something that definitely had not come out of the muesli packet. This was naturally very upsetting.

We'd also decided to have lunch at the Shroppie Fly, and she faced the prospect of a roast dinner with an incomplete set of grinding equipment. However, lamb was on the menu. Lamb is her favourite, and lamb was what we ordered. Most people do, after all, have two sides to their mouths. Unfortunately, when the lamb duly arrived, we found it impossible even to cut with a knife, and it didn't respond to chewing at all well, tending to bounce back rather than separate. I decided that it was not going to be a pleasurable dining experience, and my best beloved (unwillingly, since she is of far sweeter disposition than I, but with the challenge to her remaining chewing tools in mind) acquiesced in sending it back to the kitchen. The guy serving us was most helpful in organising a replacement of  pork and chicken, one of which was surely bound to be sufficiently tender. In the event, they both were, and the portions were very generous (just a shame about the undercooked cauliflower, which also resisted all attempts at cutting it with a table knife).

So now we shall have to ring the dentist in the morning and decide what to do. Being about half-way round the four counties ring makes the decision complicated, if he thinks that immediate attention is required. We were expecting to find temporary distraction from the issue this evening by joining the folk session at the very same Shroppie Fly, only to discover that they've moved it back to Mondays. We'd like to be here still tomorrow evening, but we shall see…


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